Gamer Chair Apologizes For Bad Tweets, Promises To Do Better
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Vertagear had a heated gaming moment on social media
Vertagear, a self-proclaimed "top gamer chair brand trusted by many esports teams," is now under fire by everyone else for trying to turn a sexist joke into an edgy meme.


Last Sunday night, the chair company posted a mock-up side-by-side comparison of male streamers vs. female streamers. In the guy's feed, he's barely visible, while in the woman's feed the ratios are reversed. "Is this accurate?" Vertagear tweeted with three crying laughing emoji for good measure.

By the time most people saw it, however, the tweet was already failing to load. "You deleted it, but you can't pretend that wasn't tweeted Vertagear," wrote Facebook streamer MissHenley. "You owe the women in the…
Ethan Gach
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