House of Commons pays tribute to former Liberal prime minister John Turner
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Justin Trudeau says former Liberal prime minister John Turner was someone who knew that Canadians had to work hard for democracy and that it should never be taken for granted.

"Today we remember him as a House of Commons man, a strong advocate for equality and a champion of our democracy," the prime minister said Thursday.

Trudeau and representatives of the other political parties paid tribute in the House of Commons to Turner, who died Saturday at age 91.

"He used to say that democracy doesn't happen by accident. He was right," Trudeau said.

"John knew that keeping our democracy strong and free meant that we needed to put in the hard work to keep it that way.

Trudeau, who said he knew Turner his whole life, invited Canadians to celebrate his legacy by signing the virtual book of condolences.

Deputy Conservative leader Candice Bergen said it is clear from the stories about him that Turner cared about individual Canadians, not just those he met in the…
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