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Hubble's new 'molten Einstein ring' image prompts new research

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The Hubble Space Telescope, an international cooperation between NASA and the ESA (European Space Agency), in December 2020 released a photo a striking
example of a deep-space optical phenomenon dubbed an "Einstein ring". The observation sparked new research.

The image showcased a remote galaxy that is greatly magnified and distorted by the effects of gravitationally warped space.

The object, GAL-CLUS-022058s, is located in the southern hemisphere constellation of Fornax (the Furnace). The image was nicknamed the "Molten Ring", which alludes to its appearance and host constellation.

Further, the object's unusual partial ring-like appearance can be explained by a phenomenon called gravitational lensing, which causes light shining from a faraway galaxy to be warped by the gravity of an object between its source and the observer. This effect was first theorised by Albert…
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