'It's not just a flu': B.C. man with COVID-19 still suffering from blood clots in his lungs

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Little is still known about why COVID-19 can lead to blood clots but a free information session Thursday, Nov. 26 is hoping to bring more awareness to the issue.
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Jordan Hoey was a healthy and active 29-year-old man when he was diagnosed in May with COVID-19.

He said for the first few days he felt tired, achy and sore but then he had a fever that lasted for about 10 days.

"And that wasn't the end, unfortunately," he told Global News Monday.

A few days after his fever subsided, Hoey said he started coughing up blood and decided to go to the ER.

"It was real scary, when my mask started turning red on the inside I knew it was time to get checked out."

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Turns out, Hoey had multiple pulmonary embolisms, which are blood clots in the lungs.

"I was feeling real, real sharp chest pain. It felt like someone was stabbing me. It was very difficult to breathe normally for a while," he said.

While COVID-19 was initially believed to be a respiratory virus, there is more evidence that it causes other serious ailments, including blood clots, which can be fatal if not treated.

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