Ottawa Public Health releases coronavirus data by neighbourhood
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A new, interactive neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood map shows a breakdown of COVID-19 infections in the city.

The map was produced in a partnership between Ottawa Public Health and the Ottawa Neighbourhood Study.

OPH says the map was created and released "in the interest of transparency" but continues to stress that COVID-19 is prevalent across the city.

"Areas with lower or higher rates are not more or less 'safe' from COVID-19 transmission. The map […] is based on the neighbourhood of residence of Ottawans with confirmed COVID-19 infection and does not necessarily reflect where the people 'caught' the virus," a disclaimer on the study's website says. "Exposure to COVID-19 can occur anywhere people congregate, such as workplaces or services open to the public."

The data used to create the map represent all cases reported from March to August 2020 and were extracted by Ottawa Public Health from the OPH COVID-19 Ottawa Database. As of Aug. 31, 2020, there were 2,975 total laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the city.

The map can be viewed here.

It shows not only the total number of…
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