Penticton brewery reneges on pledge to not enforce vaccine passports, owner apologizes
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'I sincerely apologize to everyone,' said Bad Tattoo Brewing owner Lee Agur on social media, adding that he would be stepping down from management.
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One of Penticton's most popular breweries and eateries that vowed not to enforce B.C.'s vaccine passport system is reneging on that pledge and now promising to follow the rules.

Bad Tattoo Brewing posted on its Facebook page that as of Saturday, Sept. 25, it will start checking customer's proof of vaccination for dine-in service.

"I sincerely apologize to everyone," owner Lee Agur wrote.

Agur posted the day prior that the restaurant was moving to a counter-service and take-out model only, but appears to have flip-flopped again.

"I was trying to be inclusive and make a safe space for everyone to be able to enjoy as that is what the hospitality industry is about, so we went to counter service only like the fast-food establishments, cafes, food courts and cafeterias that many people currently feel safe in and are not requiring vaccine passports."

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"We are all concerned, vaccinated or not. Many are losing compassion, empathy, understanding, and patience, our country is very divided, and these are other tragedies that are trending the wrong way."

Agur also said he would step down from management of Bad Tattoo "for awhile" and allow the restaurant to return to normal service.

Agur sent a statement to the media on Aug. 26, two weeks before the implementation of B.C.'s new vaccine mandate for non-essential businesses, stating the restaurant would not comply.

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