Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Prepares For Season 3 With New Character Reveals

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Developer nWay games have announced additional information regarding Season 3 of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. A new teaser trailer introduced...
the season pass' three new characters and more content coming soon.

Robert "RJ" James as Wolf Ranger of the Jungle Fury Rangers. Lauren Shiba, the older sister of Jayden, will appear as the second Red Samurai Ranger of the Samurai Rangers. The third character remains a secret, but fans are speculating it may be Scorpina from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The video description also mentions a new character skin of Phantom Beast King skin for Dai Shi, plus a new Ultra featuring the Samurai Megazord.

The Season 3 content will be rolled out over several months. The first batch of content is expected in late June and will include RJ, the Dai Shi character skin, and Samurai…
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