Realtors' listings often fall short in visuals to induce buyer interest
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NAR surveys show that buyers want to see five items when they view a listing.
Sellers whose listings do not include virtual tours, professional photographs and floor plans are being cheated by their real estate agents. Not "cheated" as in being ripped off, but in the sense that, without the proper visuals, homes will likely take longer to sell and fetch a lower price.

That's according to a recent study by BoxBrownie, a listings enhancement company based in Australia. The study found that, of the 25,000 properties for sale on two major U.S. listings websites, 94% lacked an immersive, 360-degree online tour of the house. Less than 30% of listings appeared to use photos taken by a pro, or that at least followed photographic best practices. And only 10% contained floor plans. Altogether, only 1.5% of all the listings studied had all three of what BoxBrownie calls these "essential elements."

Yet research from the National Association of Realtors indicates that 89% of all purchasers, regardless of age, want to see photos; 67% want to view floor plans; 58% want to take a virtual look-see. The BoxBrownie study does not say so directly, but it implies that without these techniques, would-be buyers are likely to move on to the next listing until they find one that offers the information they are seeking.

Another study, this one by Chicago-based real estate photography network VHT Studios, found that agents who used professional photos sold their listings 32% faster than those who didn't. And that was seven years ago, before buyers relied so heavily on visuals to decide which houses to visit in person.

NAR surveys show that buyers want to see five items when they view a listing: photos, written descriptions with essential details, a floor plan, a video tour and additional videos. Visit almost…
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