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Rich Rebuilds Gives Advice On Buying A Used Tesla In 2021

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Rich Rebuilds runs through all the key areas you should look at when buying a used Tesla, with a key focus on the battery.
With ongoing supply chain shortages making it harder and harder to get your hands on a new car, many are turning to the used market. In particular, the used Tesla market has exploded recently. Some pre-owned Model Ys are now selling for $15,000 more than what they cost new, meanwhile a few Model S Plaid owners are trying to make profits in excess of $25,000 on their cars. That said, good deals can still be found – especially for the Model 3 and Model X, as well as older Model S'. So, if you can't wait a few months and want your Tesla now, or else are chasing after something affordable (a 2014/15 Model S perhaps?), there's a number of things you need to look out for. YouTuber and Tesla repair shop owner Rich Rebuilds lets us know, via E For Electric.

Firstly, Rich noted the 100,000-mile point as a key stage. By then, the car will…
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