The Walking Dead's First Six Season 11 Episodes Will Be Unique Due To COVID
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The Walking Dead will return for season 11 early next year with episodes that will look different than anything else, due to filming in a pandemic.
The Walking Dead AMC

Few shows have had their filming and release schedules more screwed up than The Walking Dead, which has had to juggle three different series airing in a single year, all of which were disrupted by filming and post-production concerns.

The show that got the worst of it was the main Walking Dead series, where the season 10 finale was delayed six months from the rest of the episodes, and now season 11 is another "adapt on the fly" kind of situation.

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The Walking Dead has been renewed for one final 24 episode season spread over two years (so essentially two, shorter seasons), but on top of that, before that was even announced, AMC said that the series would be getting six other episodes earlier than those 24, technically as part of the same season.

We're now learning a little bit about those, namely that these six episodes are going to be "anthology" style, and that they were specifically designed to address the challenge of filming a zombie pandemic show during a…
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