Trump should accept the election results. Don't stoop to the level of crazy Democrats.
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Democrats haven't accepted the legitimacy of a Republican president since 1988, so spare me the whining about Donald Trump destroying democracy.
"How can we possibly tell millions of Americans who registered to vote, who came to the polls in record numbers ... to simply get over it and move on?" said the congresswoman, unwilling to accept the results of November's election.

The year was 2005, and Democrats were on the floor of the U.S. House trying to stop the Electoral College from selecting George W. Bush as president. The congresswoman, Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Ohio, argued that "numerous, serious election irregularities" in Ohio, caused "significant disenfranchisement of voters." Remember the crazy Diebold voting machine conspiracy theory?

Democrats had previously tried to stymie the Electoral College in 2001, after Bush narrowly defeated Al Gore.

''There is overwhelming evidence that George W. Bush did not win … the Florida popular vote,'' said Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, a Texas Democrat. She said, according to the New York Times, that Bush should be ''on notice that without justice there will be no peace.''

In 2017, after Donald Trump's shocking victory, Democrats again waged a congressional floor fight to stop certification of the Electoral College.

"I object because people are horrified by the overwhelming evidence of Russian interference in our election," said Rep. Barbara Lee of California, as she and others attempted to toss the electors from Alabama, Florida, Michigan, Texas, Mississippi and the Carolinas.

President Donald Trump isn't ready to concede the election.

Plenty of Democrats haven't accepted the legitimacy of a Republican president since 1988! So spare me the whining about Donald Trump destroying democracy on his way out the door.

The Trump chapter is over

Nonetheless, it is clear: President Trump has lost the 2020 election. Yes, there are fishy things that deserve full investigation, like: how did at least two counties in Georgia forget to count several thousand votes?

But for Trump, this chapter is over. And that's OK. Sometimes…
Scott Jennings, Opinion contributor
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