Video shows Miami tow truck driver reversing into moving car, lifting it off the ground
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An outside home surveillance vidoe system caught an usual and possibly dangerous sight Friday, when a Miami tow truck driver backed into a moving car and lifted it off the ground. The maneuver landed the truck driver in jail.
A 17-year-old girl was behind the wheel when the tow truck driver, later identified as Joshua Moralles, lifted her mother's car off the ground.

She told the Miami Herald that while driving to her friend's house in the area of Northwest Fifth Avenue and Northwest 42 Street, she saw a truck in her rear-view mirror possibly following her.

As she maneuvered to park in front of her friend's house, the tow truck sped up in front of her and quickly reversed toward her. In a panic and scared that the truck was going to crash into her, she reversed into a parked…
Devoun Cetoute
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