Neighborhood of Seattle, Washington, United States
Belltown, Seattle
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Belltown, Seattle, Washington
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Belltown is the most densely populated neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, United States, located on the city's downtown waterfront on land that was artificially flattened as part of a regrading project. Formerly a low-rent, semi-industrial arts district, in recent decades it has transformed into a neighborhood of trendy restaurants, boutiques, nightclubs, and residential towers as well as warehouses and art galleries. The area is named after William Nathaniel Bell, on whose land claim the neighborhood was built. In 2007, CNNMoney named Belltown the best place to retire in the Seattle metro area, calling it "a walkable neighborhood with everything you need." Belltown is home to Antioch University, Argosy University, City University of Seattle, and the Seattle School of Theology & Psychology. It lies directly west of the Denny Triangle neighborhood, where online retailer Amazon is constructing three office towers to house its downtown headquarters, and where the Cornish College of the Arts is located.
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Belltown, Seattle, WA
Belltown, Seattle, Washington
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