A fifth fundamental force of physics has been suggested by muon experiment

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The Standard Model of physics is wobbling following a new and sensational discovery by scientists in the United States.
A scientific experiment has produced evidence researchers believe points to a previously undiscovered fundamental force of physics.

All interactions in the natural universe - from a hand catching a ball falling from the sky, to magnetism and radioactive decay - are based on four fundamental forces.

Physicists largely understand how these four forces - gravity, electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force (which holds matter together), and the weak nuclear force (which causes matter to fall apart) - are going to interact in any given situation.

But a recent experiment at the high-tech Argonne National Laboratory just outside of Chicago has provided "strong evidence" that there may be a fifth fundamental force, or a previously undiscovered subatomic particle, that science knows nothing about.

Image: A new fundamental force may have been discovered. Pic: Mark Lopez, Argonne National Laboratory

The research was funded by the US Department of Energy which runs the Argonne National Laboratory and the…
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