A magnet won't stick to a glass vaccine vial - Full Fact

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A widely-shared social media video claims to show a magnet sticking to what appears to be a vaccine vial.
A magnet won't stick to a glass vaccine vial

7 June 2021

A video on Facebook shows a magnet sticking to a glass vial containing a clear solution and what appear to be small metallic objects.

The video has been shared hundreds of times and bears a similarity to viral videos in which people who have received a Covid-19 vaccine incorrectly claim their arm has since become magnetic at the site of injection.

While this video does not explicitly state that the vial contains a Covid-19 vaccine, the account that shared the video included a vaccine emoji in the caption, indicating that they are linking the clip to vaccines.

There is nothing on the label to indicate that the liquid in the vial, which looks…
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