Amazon copied products to boost own sales – leaked files
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Amazon has long denied using its platform to copy popular merchants' products and promote its own wares in the search results, but leaked documents say otherwise.
The revelations are sure to influence the multiple probes launched by regulators around the world against the ecommerce giant.

Amazon teams in India actively copied popular products from merchants using the online shopping portal, going as far as planning to poach manufacturers to make the copies better, according to leaked documents seen by Reuters.

The Amazon files also suggest the online retail behemoth tweaked the platform's algorithms to promote Amazon's own wares.

Amazon has denied the allegations, telling the news agency: "As Reuters hasn't shared the documents or their provenance with us, we are unable to confirm the veracity or otherwise of the information and claims as stated. We believe these claims are factually incorrect and unsubstantiated."

The online shopping giant also denied tweaking its algorithms to ensure its own wares were displayed higher up in the search results.

"We display search results based on relevance to the customer's search query, irrespective of whether such products have private brands offered by sellers or not," Amazon said.

The bombshell leak comes as Amazon faces antitrust probes in India, the EU and the US. Experts believe that the leaked documents could influence those investigations.

While the European Commission declined to comment to Verdict on how the revelations will affect its own antitrust probe against Amazon,…
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