Belgian parliament halts China Uyghur 'genocide' debate after DDoS smashes ISP offline
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Plus:, Network Solutions DNS down and Cloudflare has a wobble
Government and academic websites and IT services in Belgium were down for hours on Tuesday after their internet provider Belnet was hit by a significant distributed denial-of-service tsunami.

"The Belnet network is currently under DDoS attack, resulting in reduced connectivity for our customers. Our teams are working hard to mitigate the attacks and restore connectivity," the ISP said on its website.

It sounded the alarm after 1000 UTC, and posted a series of updates every two hours until about 1600 UTC. The last message said the team had "successfully implemented several mitigation rules," and the "effect of the attack seems to be diminishing."

Important government-related .be websites are up and running, including the Belgian parliament's web presence, and the Supreme Administrative Court of Belgium. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Finance, however, remain offline at the…
Katyanna Quach
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