Best mattress type: Which is better, springs or foam or hybrid?
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We weigh up the pros and cons of each mattress type to help you choose the best model for you
Buying a mattress isn't like it used to be. You not only need to decide on your budget and the right level of firmness for you, but with memory foam seemingly ever increasing in popularity, you've now got to choose between foam, springs, or a combination of the two.

On top of that, a shift to online shopping means that you're unlikely to be able to try the full range of options in person, with popular bed-in-a-box brands such as Emma and Otty being sold almost exclusively online. The upside, however, is that these new-age mattresses invariably come with some kind of money-back guarantee.

In an effort to make the mattress market a little less confusing for consumers, we've put together this guide to help you understand the differences between springs and foam, so you can make a well-informed buying decision.

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How to choose the best mattress type: Springs vs foam

Springs: Pros and cons

"Sprung" mattresses is a blanket (sorry!) term that encompasses a range of different designs. Pocket sprung mattresses are the most popular, in which the springs are sewn into fabric pockets. These stop you feeling the movement of whomever you share a bed with much better than cheaper open coil and continuous coil mattresses (pictured below), which are made up of springs (or in the case of continuous coil, of one single looped wire) held together by a wire frame. Unless you really can't afford anything else, we'd recommend steering clear of open coil and continuous coil mattresses because they're inferior to pocket sprung mattresses by nature.

Pros: A good sprung mattress should deliver plenty of support but their real trump card is the fact that they do a better job at keeping you cool than foam-based mattresses. Indeed, if you hate the enveloped, marshmallow feeling that you sometimes get from a foam mattress, a sprung mattress with natural upholstery is a great alternative.

Because they typically have natural comfort layers,…
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