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First job for the BMW? Holiday!
Not wishing to spoil the excitement of a new car, I didn't let on about a key 335i detail in the first report. The tracking was out, annoyingly, from purchase. As soon as I was up to cruising speed away from the dealer, it was clear something wasn't right, the angle of the steering wheel not tallying with that of the front tyres. Presumably the newly-refurbed-for-sale wheels didn't quite go back on right; I couldn't take the car back at the time, and my local BMW agent wasn't willing to sort it without asking for an extortionate amount of money in return.

So the local Halfords Autocentre did the job, and for £69.99 I had a 3 Series tracking straight and true. It made a significant difference, in fact; more relaxing at speed, of course, but also steering with greater clarity as well. Obviously it's not been made into a Lotus, though it's nice to have an overly shiny, overly chubby steering wheel (it's on the to-sort list!) behave and feel how it ought to. It never should have been an issue, but those are the risks you take with a second-hand purchase.

Plenty of miles have been added to the Touring already, partly thanks to new-car eagerness and partly because of a family holiday to Dorset. Despite the attendees consisting of just myself, a pregnant girlfriend and a cockapoo, it's incredible how much stuff we required for a few days away. Quite what will happen when baby actually arrives I'm not so sure. Anyone who wishes to add to the roofbox recommendation list, feel free...

The 3 Series at least felt perfectly suited to the task at hand; big enough for all our junk yet compact enough to feel wieldy on the smaller…
Matt Bird
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