'Do I have to be crowning for people to take my pregnancy woes seriously?'

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In her brand new pregnancy column, OK!'s Kat Romero opens up about the awkward in-between bump stage and why the early days of pregnancy are so tough
OK!'s Deputy Entertainment Editor Kat Romero is expecting her first baby and her new weekly column offers a funny and frank insight into the highs and lows of pregnancy, and every surprise and bump (no pun intended) along the way.

This week, Kat reflects on the early stages of pregnancy as she struggles with morning sickness and hormonal moments – then faces an unexpected confrontation public transport. Register below to read her latest column...

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There are many things people warn you about when it comes to the early stages of pregnancy. There's morning sickness that can last all day and feel like you're riding a bucking bronco on board a boat in a choppy storm. The constant need to wee that will have you up on the hour every hour throughout the night. And hormones that may have on one occasion made me visibly cry in the Sainsbury's dessert aisle when I realised they were out of my favourite baked cookie dough.

But what no one warned me about was the early days when your bump is yet to pop and you feel like you have to carry around your scan picture and a peed-on pregnancy test just to prove to people that you're actually expecting. I'm currently 19 weeks along and my bump is often less preggo belly and more reminiscent of that time I landed face down in a KFC Family Feast meal after surviving four days at a militant vegan bootcamp.

In a baggy top or smock dress, my bump is often not that obvious and looks more like a bit of bad bloating. Case in point was last bank holiday weekend when I decided to head to Primark to splash out on some new pants and bras (glamorous, I know). But it also happened to be one of the hottest…
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