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Family Guy's Stewie Griffin 'finally says first word'

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fairly easy
That's one way to get your parents' attention!
Stewie is finally being understood by the family (Picture: Fox)

Family Guy's foul-mouthed youngest member Stewie Griffin has never been short of something to say – but the gang have finally started to understand him.

Mum Lois was finally able to hear her son's 'first' word on Sunday night's episode, with Stewie screaming out the word 'f**k!' in the middle of church.

On the one hand, like Stewie's official first word was going to be anything else… but on the other, what a way to do it.

Stewie, voiced by creator Seth McFarlane, has only ever interacted with dog Brian before now, with his rants at his mother and dad Peter just being heard as baby babbles to their innocent…
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