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How getting a six pack in lockdown could actually damage your health

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While you need to exercise, be careful not to go overboard.
Get fit safely, guys! (Picture: Getty)

BBC series The Truth About… Getting Fit At Home has revealed extreme efforts to get a six-pack could be detrimental to your health, not benefitting it.

Defined abs are often a goal for gym fanatics, particularly men, and with lockdown three now in effect it seems some are trying to seize the opportunity to get healthier and 'glow up', getting a six-pack with home workouts.

But presenter Mehreen Baig, after trying to achieve one herself, has now warned of the dangers they could face.

Offering her tips and tricks on a successful workout throughout the episode, she warned that a quest to live up to the models on Instagram could not be the wisest move.



In fact, while working out is…
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