'Jobs not snobs!' - Locals turn on 'London luvvie' environmentalists over nuclear plan

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ANGRY locals have turned on environmental campaigners opposing the construction of the proposed Sizewell C nuclear power plant in Suffolk denouncing them as 'Londoners in their second homes', whilst numerous protest signs have been graffitied with the slogan 'Jobs Not Snobs'.
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EDF Energy, the company behind the project, claims it will produce 25,000 new jobs with 70 percent of the planned investment to be spent in the UK. The proposed plant would be built close to Sizewell B, a working nuclear power station, and Sizewell A which is in the process of being decommissioned.


Activists from the Stop Sizewell C campaign group claim the plan would have a "devastating impact" on the local area and would destroy jobs provided by tourism. Over the past few weeks a number of protest signs near the site from Stop Sizewell C have been graffitied with the words "JOBS" and "Jobs Not Snobs". On Facebook a number of locals hit out against the campaign with several arguing it's dominated by London second home owners, an allegation the group strongly denies. Keith Suffling described the campaigners as "Londoners in their second homes saying 'not in my backyard'".

Protest signs around Sizewell have been graffitied with

Dawn Munnings added: "The usual thing – someone moves near local industry and then campaigns to stop it without really…
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