Joe Montemurro admits Arsenal knew about WSL players' Dubai trip plans
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The Arsenal Women's manager has insisted that future trips under lockdown rules will not be tolerated
Joe Montemurro has admitted that Arsenal were aware that some of their players were planning a winter break in Dubai before the trip that ended with one of them testing positive for the coronavirus and last week's visit to Aston Villa postponed, but that such trips will not be tolerated in future either "from a sporting perspective [or] a global morality perspective".

It had previously been reported that the club had not been informed of the players' plans, but in the runup to this weekend's WSL game against Reading the Arsenal manager said that "we had some official scenarios of players going to Dubai" before the government imposed tier 4 restrictions shortly before Christmas.

"There's obviously disappointment at the situation, the way it panned out," he said. "From my perspective it's about the moral compass and the consequences of these situations. The players have apologised, we have dealt with it internally and for me the really important thing is it doesn't happen again. It's all about making sure the players understand they are…
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