Meghan Markle's children's book is going to be atrocious - The Spectator
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As well as describing herself as feminist, mother and activist, Meghan Markle can now add the job description 'author' to the list
Meghan Markle has written a book for children. Of course she has. There is no celeb, no matter how busy, who doesn't have a children's book in them, because children's books, you might think if you didn't know better, don't need plot or character or much in the way of style. It was either that, or a cookbook.

The Bench, for that is the name, is based apparently on a poem Meghan wrote for her husband for Father's Day, a month after little Archie was born. Because that's what you do with a small baby, isn't it…you write a poem. It's short, it would seem, but then William Nicholson's wonderful, illustrated book, Clever Bill, which Maurice Sendak thought a masterpiece, had fewer than a hundred words. Brevity isn't a problem in a book for children.

There are only a few excerpts of Meghan's book available, illustrated with watercolors by one Christian Robinson. The Duchess reportedly wanted to tell the story through an 'inclusive lens' and put an emphasis on diversity. The caption to the picture of a red-headed soldier (with US army cap) holding his son up while a woman at the window looks on, is: 'This is your bench, Where life begins, For you and our son our baby, our kin.'

Mmm. Our son and our baby…our kin? Bit redundant, not to…
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