Nintendo Waves Through Yet More Asset Flips Onto Switch eShop
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A load of old asset
Last year we ran a story on The Bullet: Time of Revenge, a 'new' release on Switch eShop that turned out to be an 'asset flip'; a pre-made and purchased asset pack given a new name and sent along to Nintendo for eShop lotcheck.

While this might rub many people the wrong way, this practice is technically totally legal — the asset kit was purchased from the Unity Asset Store and resold entirely within the limits of the licence terms — and Nintendo certification isn't (and has never been) a test of quality, even when games came with the Nintendo Seal of Quality stamped on them. If the game loads and fulfills a set of basic technical requirements, it's good to go.

It seems that two more asset flip games hit Switch eShop on 8th June: Bring Honey Home and Red Ball Escape,…
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