Prince William and Harry's nanny had bizarre rules; 'banned' them from having comfort blankets
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A Kensington Palace staff once said that Barbara Barnes guarded the nursery floor "like the Vatican."
Royal children are already expected to lead very different and complicated lifestyles filled with camera appearances and royal protocols, but there was one nanny who went a bit far with her bizarre rules for Prince William and Prince Harry.

After Princess Diana gave birth to her first child Prince William in 1982, Prince Charles felt that his wife "needed a nanny" for help, which was also the custom in the royal family. Therefore, the heir apparent employed Barbara Barnes to help.

Barnes, aged 42 at the time, was the daughter of a Norfolk forestry worker. She had been hired on the basis of a recommendation by Princess Margaret's lady-in-waiting Anne Glenconner. She did not wear a nanny hat or uniform like her colleagues, and was strict with both Kensington Palace staff and the young princes.

In his biography "Battle of Brothers" about William and Harry's rift, Robert Lacey described…
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