Scavengers Studio reinstates co-founders after investigation into harassment and toxicity
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Scavengers Studio has reinstated CEO Amelie Lamarche and former creative director Simon Darveau following the outcome of an investigation into allegations of harassment and toxicity at the studio.
Scavengers Studio has reinstated CEO and co-founder Amelie Lamarche following the outcome of an independent investigation into allegations of harassment and toxicity at the Season developer. Creative director and co-founder Simon Darveau, who was also the subject of a number of allegations, has also been reinstated in a smaller, non-managerial role of their own choosing.

Earlier this year, an extensive report published by suggested the studio had allowed a toxic culture to take root, and indicated that studio creative director Simon Darveau and others had engaged in demeaning behavior that was ultimately enabled by CEO Amelie Lamarche -- who was Darveau's romantic partner when the pair founded the studio.

The alleged behavior ranged from sexist remarks to physical groping, and Darveau was specifically accused of having an affair with an employee and comparing themselves to "a dog in heat."

A few days after the report was published, Darveau was suspended and Lamarche stepped down temporarily "to ensure a transparent, fair and unbiased" investigation into the allegations.

Following the conclusion of that investigation, which was conducted by external firm Solertia Consulting Group, Scavengers has explained that while there are workplace behaviors that still require improvement, "the audit did not find the presence of systemic sexual or psychological harassment at the studio."

"Nevertheless, the Studio remains committed to improving its workplace experience and to this end Solertia…
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