Social media post appears to overstate risk of vaccine blood clots - Full Fact
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A Facebook post implies the risk of developing a blood clot or heart problem from a Covid-19 vaccine outweighs the benefits.
Social media post appears to overstate risk of vaccine blood clots

14 October 2021

What was claimed The risk of a blood clot following a Covid-19 vaccine is worse than the cold or flu symptoms you may experience if infected. Our verdict This overstates the risk of blood clots caused by the vaccine. Furthermore, evidence suggests the risk of clotting and other arterial conditions is much higher following infection than vaccination.

A post on Facebook appears to compare reported Covid-19 vaccine side effects with mild symptoms of the virus itself. Although it doesn't explicitly mention Covid-19 vaccination, the post seems to weigh up the pros and cons, claiming that "society" is "willingly choosing blood clots and heart problems over cold and flu symptoms or no symptoms at all". The caption attached to the post adds: "Not worth the risk at all."

This misleadingly suggests that the risks of the Covid-19 vaccine outweigh the benefits. In fact, the volume of reported side effects is extremely small when compared to the number of people who have received one or both doses of the vaccine, and studies have shown vaccination is extremely effective at preventing the most serious side effects.

Moreover, while there are some similarities between the flu and Covid-19, the fatality rate of Covid-19 is thought to be higher.

What is the risk of blood clots and heart problems?

The risk of blood clots following a Covid-19 vaccine is extremely small. Government estimates for the AstraZeneca vaccine (which has been most closely associated with this risk) suggest that for those over the age of 40 it is around 1 in 100,000 doses, while it is around 1 in 50,000 among those aged 18 to 39 .

According to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Yellow Card scheme (which…
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