'Stuck in limbo' Ryanair customers left £600 out of pocket over Greece and Ibiza trips

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EXCLUSIVE: Liza Aldis and Julie Guy have seen their Rhodes holiday cancelled three times - and not received a penny back from budget airline Ryanair
When Liza Aldis and Julie Guy booked a girly weekend away to Greece in 2019, no one had even heard of the coronavirus crisis.

But fast forward almost two years, and the pair have not only seen their holiday cancelled three times - they haven't received a penny back from budget airline Ryanair.

The friends spent around £550 on their original booking to Rhodes, which they booked in October 2019 for a trip due to take place in May 2020.

By this point, the Covid-19 pandemic had shut down airports and ground holidays as we know them to a halt, and Liza and Julie, both aged 47 and living in Rochdale, unsurprisingly found their trip cancelled.

Deciding to try their luck for later in the year, the pair accepted a voucher from Ryanair and rebooked - with a price difference of £40 - to go in August 2020 instead.

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This second trip was cancelled too, and again the pals took a voucher so they could rebook once more - this time for May 2021.

But when this third trip was pulled in February this year, Liza and Julie decided they'd rather have a refund than reschedule again - but they're still waiting for their money back.

Liza said: "I just wanted to go on a girly weekend that we booked back in October 2019 but we're now down almost £600.

"The first got cancelled, then the second one… at first, we thought rather than get a refund, it would be easier to get a voucher - but then you have to keep doing it.

"I've heard nothing from Ryanair since February. I've tried ringing and contacting them on Facebook.

"I haven't been able to get through to anyone on the phone - the phone just cuts off. We're stuck in limbo and don't know what to do.

"It's been a nightmare since day one and ultimately…
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