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Summer Game Fest: every indie game shown at Day Of The Devs

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A swathe of indie games was shown off during Summer Game Fest's Day Of The Devs, from the likes of Devolver Digital and Annapurna.
That's a lot of indie games (Pic: Summer Game Fest)

The first day of announcements from Summer Game Fest kicked things off with a bang thanks to the likes of Elden Ring. But, aside from major releases, it also took the time to highlight a number of indie games during the Day Of The Devs segment.

As a reminder, Day Of The Devs is a showcase that allows indie developers to show off their upcoming releases, that might otherwise be overlooked.

18 games in total were demonstrated throughout the livestream and we've compiled them all below in alphabetical order, with some brief descriptions of what they're about.

A Musical Story Studio

From French studio Glee-Cheese Studio, A Musical Story is, unsurprisingly, a rhythm game that has you explore the memories of musician Gabriel, all set to a 70s backdrop.

Unlike most rhythm games, there are no prompts to tell you when to time your button presses. You instead must rely on your listening skills and the 'feel' of the music. It releases in October.

Axiom Verge 2

One of the more high profile titles, Axiom Verge 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the 2015 Metroid-inspired original, which was lauded for being developed by just one person.

It received a new trailer showing off the main character's combat abilities in action and a boss fight, as well as confirmation that it's possible to complete the game without defeating a single boss.

Behind The Frame

A story driven puzzle game, Behind The Frame boasts an anime aesthetic that feels reminiscent of a Studio Ghibli film. It puts you in control of an aspiring painter struggling to become a professional.

You'll solve puzzles within the confines of her apartment, get opportunities to do some painting yourself of course, and form a connection with her next door neighbour.

Death's Door

The first of publisher Devolver Digital's offerings, Death's Door is a top-down fantasy action adventure being developed by Acid Nerve, a two-person team based in Manchester.

You play as a…
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