There's no evidence Covid-19 vaccines make the disease worse - Full Fact
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Experts say animal studies, clinical trials, and increasing real world data add to evidence that Covid-19 vaccines are not causing antibody dependent enhancement.
There's no evidence Covid-19 vaccines make the disease worse

9 June 2021

What was claimed Evidence is growing that Covid-19 vaccines may worsen the disease in some recipients because antibodies developed as a result of the jab can end up enhancing disease rather than protecting against infection. Our verdict Antibody dependant enhancement is a rare but genuine risk when it comes to creating new vaccines. There is good evidence that this does not occur with the current Covid-19 vaccines in use, from animal studies, large human trials, and real world data from people who have received the vaccine.

An article on the website Conservative Woman has set out concerns that the Covid-19 vaccines may worsen Covid-19 in some vaccinated people, through a process known as "antibody dependant enhancement".

Antibody dependant enhancement (ADE), which the article describes, is a real phenomenon, and a genuine consideration during the creation of any vaccine, but the evidence shows that this is not occurring with Covid-19 vaccines that are currently in use.

What is antibody dependent enhancement?

ADE is a mechanism whereby antibodies generated during a previous immune response (either from getting the infection or being vaccinated against it) don't stop you getting ill again and, instead, there is an exacerbation of the immune response and a worsening of the disease.

Work to fully understand how this occurs is ongoing, but it is thought to occur through two main mechanisms: either the pre-existing antibodies facilitate the entry and replication of the virus in the body's cells, or antibodies cause the immune…
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