Thousands of Lifetime ISA bonuses delayed amid Stamp Duty rush - are you affected?
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A Lifetime ISA (LISA) allows savers to get a 25% bonus from the government on part of the money they save towards their first home or retirement
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Thousands of savers have been hit by Lifetime ISA bonus delays - leaving some people up to £1,000 out of pocket ahead of the stamp duty holiday deadline.

As the rush to complete gets underway, buyers are finding themselves having to scrabble for a last minute £1,000 to make up for the delayed HMRC payout.

A Lifetime ISA (LISA) allows savers to get a 25% bonus from the government on any money they put away towards their first home or retirement.

The maximum amount you can put into a LISA is £4,000 each year - meaning a yearly bonus of up to £1,000.

But some savers have seen their bonus payments delayed by up to one week - and others claim they still haven't received their cash at all, despite HMRC claiming the issue has been fixed.

Those who have been hit by the "technical glitch" are people who should've seen their bonuses processed at the end of May.

It comes as some savers rush to beat the deadline for the temporary stamp duty relief, which is due to begin winding down from the end of this month.

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Stamp duty is the tax normally paid when buying a home worth more than £125,000 - but the Treasury announced last July that it…
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