Three cheers for federalism! - The Spectator
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The magic of federalism meant that people could vote with their feet to choose the state COVID response which best suited them
For all that has gone wrong in America in the last year, the main thing that has gone right is our system of 50 independent states has endured and prospered.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a challenge to our federalist system. The impulse in March 2020 was to have all states respond in the same way to the virus. Of course, in a country with large cities and small cities, sprawling suburbs, small towns, extremely rural areas and everything in between, that made little sense. We quickly corrected it and governors took control of COVID-19 policies for their states.

The results of that have been astonishing. States that had tight lockdowns, such as New York, New Jersey and Michigan, did not see better outcomes than states which loosened their lockdowns early on.

Florida, in particular, has stood out as evidence that lockdowns simply didn't produce better results. Florida opened their beaches in the spring and Gov. DeSantis moved to lift all…
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