Vaccines don't cause Covid-19 - Full Fact
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There are various reasons why Covid case rates may be higher in countries with higher vaccination rates. It isn't evidence vaccines cause Covid.
Vaccines don't cause Covid-19

25 November 2021

What was claimed Covid-19 case numbers are highest in countries with high vaccination rates, showing that vaccines increase case numbers. Our verdict Vaccines reduce the risk of getting Covid-19. This analysis is not proof of anything, though it is plausible that vaccination leads people to socialise more and so cases increase as a result.

An article on a website that has repeatedly published misinformation about the pandemic, The Exposé, says that countries with higher Covid-19 vaccination rates tend to have higher case numbers, claiming "the inescapable conclusion[...] is that vaccines increase case numbers."

The fact that there is a correlation between case numbers and vaccination rates is not proof of causation. There are a number of other reasons why case rates may be higher in countries with higher vaccination rates.

Also, evidence shows vaccination reduces the risk of transmission, though by no means eliminates the risk.

Vaccines don't cause Covid

You cannot catch Covid-19 from the vaccines.

Trials of the vaccines show they reduce rather than increase the risk of contracting Covid-19, all other things being equal. This has been established through high quality clinical trials which are designed to demonstrate causal relationships, in the way that the Exposé's data analysis is not.

Even as an exercise in simply analysing correlation, the Exposé's analysis is flawed because it doesn't separate out those…
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