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Who is Cotton Candy on The Masked Dancer? All the clues and guesses

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A singer? A dancer? A gymnast? A figure-skater?
Some big names have been attached to Cotton Candy on The Masked Dancer (Picture: Getty/Backgrid)

The Masked Dancer has proven that anyone could be busting a move on the stage during the competition series.

From the likes of Bill Nye The Science Guy to activist Elizabeth Smart, viewers and judges alike have been surprised by the stars taking part in The Masked Singer's sister series.

Now all eyes are on Cotton Candy's identity as fans try their best to piece the clues together and get the right guess.

Have judges Paula Abdul, Ken Jeong, Ashley Tisdale, and Brian Austin Green already figured it out?

Here's everything you need to know about Cotton Candy.



What clues have been given about Cotton Candy?

Viewers have been given some interesting clues about who the woman underneath the mask is. These included:

She is someone sweet as candy.

She is a perfectionist but her life hasn't always been so sweet.

She says that in order to achieve her dreams she had to move in with a new family when she was just a kid.

She says she's a fighter and we see cupcakes with some big lips on them.

She grew up in a place where life…
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