Christy Carlson Romano On YouTube, Memes, Disney Channel & Hilary Duff
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Former Disney child star Christy Carlson Romano talks to Bustle about the surging popularity of her YouTube channel and the new video that triggered her.
Thanks to endless reboots and revivals, '90s kids and 2000s kids are spoiled for choice when it comes to nostalgia. One such purveyor of nostalgic content is Christy Carlson Romano of Disney Channel fame. After years in the spotlight on Even Stevens opposite Shia LaBeouf, Cadet Kelly alongside Hilary Duff, and Kim Possible as the titular character's voice, the 37-year-old mother of two has recently been reflecting on her adolescence and life via YouTube. Her videos — often paired with captivating titles such as "Why I Don't Talk To Shia LaBeouf" and "How I Lost All My Money" — have attracted millions of views in the past few months alone.

Romano's channel, which has grown to 347,000 subscribers, began as a vehicle for cooking and reaction videos with former Disney stars, but as of late she has rebranded to more intimate confessionals shot in the woods. In these videos, Romano has discussed the dangers of child stardom and reflected on being five years sober. She's also delved into "what if" scenarios in videos about losing a record deal to Katy Perry and losing the Princess Diaries role to Anne Hathaway because she was too busy filming Even Stevens to audition.

I haven't said anything about anyone that I feel hurts or violates my relationship with them. I think I'm pretty authentic.

With Romano proving herself to be an online content machine, it's no surprise the internet latched on and began churning out memes that impose faux headlines onto her familiar YouTube video thumbnails. These meme headlines jokingly claim that Romano once lost an opportunity to judge The Voice to Ariana Grande, lost the 2020 Iowa Primary to Pete Buttigieg, and lost the leading role of Shang-Chi to Simu Liu. She'll have you know she's actually "flattered" by the memes.

Viewers eagerly await the drop of each new video, wondering what she'll reveal next. Her latest installment? A vlog detailing the horrors of stage parents. "I get a little upset in the video," she tells Bustle. "I…
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