Court Bauer reveals why Vince McMahon was genuinely angry at Donald Trump
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Vince McMahon was livid with Donald Trump backstage after something that the US President did in the ring
Vince McMahon has brought in numerous celebrities to WWE over the years, and one of the most prominent ones in recent years was Donald Trump. Trump, the current US President, is in real-life good friends with McMahon as the two had a working relationship for a long time.

Donald Trump and Vince McMahon had a feud titled Battle of the Billionaires, which culminated in a match featuring each of their representatives at WrestleMania 23.

Former WWE writer Court Bauer was a recent guest on Chris Jericho's Talk is Jericho podcast, where he opened up about that feud from 2007.

Why Vince McMahon was angry with Donald Trump backstage in WWE

Bauer revealed that Vince McMahon was angry with Trump after a…
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