Death in Paradise season 10: Commissioner Selwyn star speaks on show change 'Blew my mind'
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DEATH IN PARADISE star Don Warrington, who plays Commissioner Selwyn Patterson has addressed a huge change he was forced to make when filming the tenth season.
Death in Paradise: Don Warrington says filming is 'demanding'

Death in Paradise has returned to BBC One as DI Neville Parker (played by Ralf Little) continues to get to grips with working and living in Saint Marie. Although the coronavirus pandemic led to many TV shows postponing filming, Death in Paradise carried on with production albeit with a slight delay. However, Commissioner Selwyn Patterson star Don Warrington has addressed a huge change he was forced to make for season 10.

Usually, several of the Death in Paradise cast jet back and forth from Guadeloupe during the filming period. However, travel restrictions meant that was impossible last year leading to Don staying on the island for the duration of filming for the first time. Speaking ahead of the series return, Don told "This year it's very different because this year was the first year I stayed from the beginning to the end. "Normally I go back to the UK but not this…
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