High blood pressure diet - 15 foods to avoid if your reading is too high

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HIGH blood pressure affects a huge number of British adults. But cutting out these 15 foods may help to bring your blood pressure reading down.
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If you're worried about the numbers on your blood pressure reading, or you want to prevent high blood pressure in the future, your diet is a good place to start. Eating the right foods can have an impact on your blood pressure, but first you'll need to know what to avoid.

A staggering one in three UK adults has high blood pressure, according to the Blood Pressure UK. High blood pressure is a major warning sign for developing serious diseases and can lead to events like heart attacks and strokes if left untreated. It's advisable to get your blood pressure checked often, as it doesn't always have obvious symptoms. People over the age of 40 are advised to get their blood pressure checked every five years, whereas those considered at risk of high blood pressure should get it checked as often as once every year. The promising news is that if you have high blood pressure, or want to decrease your chances of developing it, you can make some very easy changes to your diet and lifestyle to combat it. READ MORE: Bowel cancer symptoms: The 'sensation' when having a poo - sign

What are the worst foods for high blood pressure?

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