'I used it maybe twice in training' - Jiri Prochazka talks about the origin of his spinning elbow KO of Dominick Reyes

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It is hard to believe that the spinning elbow that Jiri Prochazka knocked out Dominick Reyes with could be executed without practicing it in training.
But if we believe the man himself, he didn't even plan to throw it. The spinning elbow was a tool his body offered once it got into the flow state during the fight.

During the post-fight analysis of Jiri Prochazka's UFC Vegas 25 win on his YouTube channel, Prochazka was asked if he specifically trained for the spinning elbow to use it against Dominick Reyes. Prochazka's answer to the question was awe-inspiring. According to 'Denisa,' when he watches a new move and likes it, the moves get registered in his mind. Prochazka can then use them when he reaches the flow state in the middle of the fight, without necessarily training for it or going through the drills to perfect the technique.

"I used it maybe twice in training. No (It's not something I practice a lot). I like to learn from…
Rajneesh Suhas Reddy
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