Killer Frost learns her fate in a glum episode of The Flash
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Well, that was a bummer.
Grant Gustin, Sara Garcia Photo : Bettina Strauss (The CW)

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In a way, maybe it makes sense. The Flash is, if not quite yet winding down, at least on the downward slope, with one more season to follow this one. Lately the show has been peeling away some of the core elements that made it a fun ride ―the multiverse, the various Wellses, the traditional Rogues and supporting superheroes (though Elongated Man's departure wasn't really part of a master plan). Word came down just today that two original cast members will be gone by season's end (but more on that later). So life in prison for the no-longer-Killer Frost? That fits with the general trend, even if it doesn't end up making a lot of sense.


Frost has admitted her guilt and waived her trial, so all that remains is the judge's sentencing. Cecile is convinced that Frost's heroic deeds will outweigh her earlier crimes, and that she'll get off with a relatively light sentence. Kristen Kramer has other ideas, however. Acting on her behalf, the prosecutor urges the judge to order Frost to take the metahuman cure, stripping her of her powers forever. She equates this with taking the right to bear arms away from a felon, arguing that the metahuman's powers are a weapon just the same.

As Frost argues, it's more complicated than that, as being a metahuman is part of her DNA, and her very identity will be lost if she's forced to…
Scott Von Doviak
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