Kundali Bhagya written update Jan 13, 2021: Ramona tells Kareena about Preeta's accusation

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In Kundali Bhagya January 13 episode, Srishti learns about Akshay's affair through his phone records. Meanwhile, Ramona tells Kareena about Preeta's accusations
In Kundali Bhagya January 13 episode, Srishti unlocks Akshay's phone by putting Kritika's name and Akshay's last name in the password. Preeta apologizes to Akshay and Srishti calls Preeta to tell her that Akshay is having an affair with Ruchika, as per their messages & call records on his phone. Akshay looks for his phone and Preeta alerts Srishti to hide his phone. Srishti hides and leaves Akshay's phone on the floor.

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'Kundali Bhagya' written update

Later, in Kundali Bhagya latest episode, Sherlyn and Mahira talk about how Preeta kept insulting them on various occasions. Sherlyn tells Mahira that this is the right moment to make everyone hate Preeta. Sherlyn tells Mahira how Preeta blamed Akshay for cheating on Kritika, while he was just standing with his friend in the guest room, normally. They decide to manipulate Kritika against Preeta so she tells Kareena how Preeta wants to stop…
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