Moving From Work-From-Home (WFH) To Work-From-Anywhere (WFA): Setting The Future Of Work Up For Success
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The majority of the workforce thinks the future of work is a hybrid model where some days employees work from the office and some days from home. What will companies and their leaders need to do in order to successfully navigate this new landscape as offices start to open back up?
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A study by Toluna, a tech company operating in the market research space, looked at the attitudes of employees towards virtual work. The results point to a workforce eager to get back into the office. In fact,19 percent of those surveyed have already returned to the workplace, with one-third thinking they will this summer. In addition, more than half of those surveyed have been contacted by their employer within last three months about returning to work. Unsurprisingly, most would only consider going back to the office if the following were to happen:

Vaccines 63%

Social distancing 59%

Employers offers a hybrid work environment 51%

Regular testing 49%

Who would have thought a year ago, when many of us were sent home to work in the comfort of our own furniture and sweats, that we'd be eager to get back in the office? But many employees miss what virtual just can't seem to replicate. The study showed that many people missed the following:

In person sharing sessions 25%

Atmosphere 23%

The small talk and social aspect in between work tasks 18%

The motivation ad inspiration that a workplace creates 16%

In person team building 12%

Not only do they miss the inside of offices, but they miss the travel most of all. Most Americans, 82 percent, are missing business travel and think in-person meetings are better than virtual. 42 percent expect to be back to business travel this summer and 16 percent are traveling for business already.

The future is hybrid. However, an overwhelming majority from the study agree that virtual work is here to stay, in some capacity. Almost half of respondents, 46 percent, want to return to workplace part time. Of those who are willing to come into the office, only 27 percent say they want to return to working five days in the office.

Overwhelmingly, most think, 90 percent, the future is a hybrid model where some days employees work from the office and some days from home. What will companies and their leaders…
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