Oscars producer Steven Soderbergh alllmost says they assumed Chadwick Boseman was going to win

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Steven Soderbergh, who produced this year's weird Oscars ceremony, tries to explain what happened with that Best Actor ending
Chadwick Boseman Photo : Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Disney

The end of the 2021 Oscars ceremony was bizarre for a number of reasons, mostly because of the fact that Best Actor In A Leading Role was presented after Best Picture. Anthony Hopkins won that final Academy Award for his work in The Father, but since he wasn't in attendance and the Oscars had outlawed Zoom call-ins, the show just… stopped. Now, 2021 Oscars producer Steven Soderbergh has offered some insight into what happened there, and it at least partially revolves around something that a lot of Oscar viewers guessed that night: They assumed Chadwick Boseman was going to win Best Actor, and they wanted…
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