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Other Mike Flanagan Projects The Stars Of Midnight Mass Have Appeared In

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Mike Flanagan's latest project, 'Midnight Mass,' has a cast full of actors that Flanagan has worked with before. Here's where you may have seen them.
Over the last few years, Mike Flanagan has taken horror by storm. With both movies and television series under his belt, Flanagan has become well associated with his contributions to Netflix. Flanagan has completed projects for other studios including the 2019 adaptation of Stephen King's Doctor Sleep. He also adapted King's Gerald's Game in 2017.

Flanagan's biggest Netflix hits are The Haunting series. To bring these creations to life, Flanagan features a wide range of actors in his work, many of who appear in more than one project of his. Following the release of his newest project, Midnight Mass, there are quite a few stars fans of Flanagan may recognize.

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Kate Siegel

Perhaps the most infamous of all of Flanagan's stars is his wife, Kate Siegel. Siegel has starred in countless projects that her husband created, including her most recent role of Erin Greene in Midnight Mass.

In 2016, Siegel starred as the main protagonist of Hush, a deaf horror writer who becomes caught in her own worst nightmare. Siegel built off this in the years following, appearing as Theo Craine in The Haunting of Hill House and Viola in The Haunting of Bly Manor. Siegel has also starred as Marisol Chavez in Oculus and Jenny Browning in Ouiji: Origin of Evil, and Sally in Gerald's Game.

Samantha Sloyan

Samantha Sloyan has starred opposite of Siegel in a few of Flanagan's projects. In Midnight Mass, Sloyan plays Bev Keane, a woman eerily dedicated to spreading God's message, no matter the cost. While Sloyan got under the skin of most viewers, many enjoyed her innocent portrayals of characters like Sarah in Hush.

In addition to both Midnight Mass and Hush, Sloyan also played Leigh Crain in Hill House. Leigh was the wife of Stephen Crain, one of the many children who lived inside Hill House and found themselves struggling with the seemingly unexplainable experiences they had there. Because of Stephen's own writings about the…
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