PS5's new update finally lets users remove the screenshot confirmation icon
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Much-requested feature arrives with today'
PlayStation 5's latest system update adds a much-requested option to remove the notification icon after taking a screenshot.

Before the update, any time players took a screenshot a small icon would appear in the corner to notify players that the screenshot had been captured.

However, because the console doesn't separate its OS user interface from the game while taking screenshots, if players took another screenshot while the icon was displayed, that icon would appear in the new screenshot (and create a new icon of its own).

This meant players were unable to quickly take screenshots in rapid succession without having icons on every shot after the first one, as seen in the image below:

The new PS5 system update which rolls out today fixes this with a new option in its Capture settings that lets players turn the icons off.

The new option, "Display…
Chris Scullion
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