Skystone Games Announces Two New Adventures With Boundary And The Last Friend
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Skystone Games is a new publisher that was founded by industry veterans David Brevik and Bill Wang. To spearhead the company's goals going into 2021, Skystone has revealed two new games coming down the pipeline, which include a competitive shooter an
d a new tower defense adventure.

The first game revealed under the Skystone Games umbrella is Boundary, a competitive shooter from the team at Surgical Scalpels. But what is Boundary? According to Skystone, this game is "set in an alternate near-future timeline where the Space Force is more than a Netflix TV show, Boundary explores space combat like never before. Taking the best of first-person shooter mechanics, adding in Zero-G movement, Surgical Scalpels creates a new visceral experience for fans of competitive shooters. The battle over the remains of space stations or solar arrays on maps that literally defy gravity."

This shooter aims to offer a completely new take on the competitive FPS genre while offering a customizable means for customization, gravity-defying maps, and a world stunningly built using Unreal Engine 4.

The Last Friend is a new tower defense-inspired game that blends a brawler…
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