Tech Minnow That Helped Power Britain's Covid Vaccination Campaigns Raises $38 Million
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AccuRx, a tiny startup that helped to arrange 21 million Covid-19 vaccinations in England, has raised $38 million (£28 million) in a Series B round.
Around 44 million people in the United Kingdom have now been vaccinated with two vaccines doses with the British government announcing plans to approve Covid-19 booster shots for 30 million people this winter. © 2021 Bloomberg Finance LP

Jacob Haddad and Laurence Bargery had spent close to three years building a successful but niche startup to help primary care doctors (known as general practitioners in the U.K.) stay in touch with patients over text messages. The pandemic saw the pair and their startup AccuRx thrust into supporting video calls and digital consultations for nearly all the doctors' clinics in England.

An even bigger challenge loomed for the tiny startup AccuRx when the U.K.'s National Health Service (NHS) turned to these family doctors in November 2020 to drive the rollout of the national Covid vaccination campaign. The same doctors had been running winter flu vaccinations for years but faced being swamped by the scale and complexity of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign.

"We were speaking to more and more practices that were just saying, we don't have the tech to do this," says Haddad, AccuRx cofounder, whose team built a booking system in two weeks to help doctors message patients, schedule appointments, and track those who had missed a jab. "They said: 'if we ran our flu model approach with every patient calling up to book, our staff will be overwhelmed and our other services won't be available."

The tools built by the London-based startup were shared with doctors in December 2020 and let patients schedule their own appointments online, while helping the clinics manage the flow of vaccinations. "It became clear it's not like running a standard appointment book; it's like running a production…
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