The Undertaker Reveals Why He Never Went Back To WCW In Its Prime
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With the final farewell of The Undertaker all set to take place on Nov. 22, The Deadman reveals the real reason why he never left WWE.
The Undertaker will close the chapter of his thirty-year long career this Sunday on Nov. 22 at Survivor Series. Hyping the final farewell, The Undertaker is doing interviews and media more than he has ever done.

The Undertaker on WCW

'The Deadman' joined ESPN MMA Journalist Ariel Helwani for an interview on YouTube, where he discussed several topics from the world of pro-wrestling to MMA. Among the many questions asked, Helwani asked Taker if there was a time when WCW had ever pitched to him or was he ever interested to join them.

The Undertaker admitted that he did have a couple conversations with Kevin Nash who had already jumped ship to WCW. Nash had mentioned about the grand payday and everything on offer but…
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